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Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials Fabrication

Nanomaterial Reference Description Commercial status
SWNTs Bronikowski et al. Gas-phase chemicalvapor-deposition process known as the HiPco process Currently in use for commercial production
C60 Howard et al. Production of C60 and C70 fullerenes in premixed laminar benzene-oxygenargon flame Proprietary process modified from the reference currently in use for mass production ~1500 ton/year
Alumoxane nanoparticles Callender et al. Aqueous synthesis and subsequent thermolysis of alumoxane Currently in use for commercial production
ZnSe quantum dots Karanikolos et al. Self assembly of zinc selenide quantum dots in a microemulsion Recently published, this method utilizes less expensive input materials than predecessors; current commercial methods are unknown to the authors
TiO2 nanoparticles Duyvesten et al. Production of nanosized TiO2 through hydrolysis and calcinations with chemical additives to control particle size Currently in use for commercial production