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Top Ten Locations of Entities Placing Position Announcements in Science

Top Locations 2002* Percent of 41 Positions Top Locations 2005* Percent of 120 Positions
Illinois 17.1% California 26.7%
California 12.2% Canada 11.7%
Pennsylvania 12.2% Singapore 6.7%
Texas 9.8% Denmark 4.2%
Massachusetts 4.9% Virginia 4.2%
North Carolina 4.9% Massachusetts 3.3%
New Jersey 4.9% Maryland 3.3%
South Carolina 4.9% Switzerland 3.3%
Remaining 12 locations
had only 1 position each
2.4% each Georgia 2.5%
    New Mexico 2.5%
    New York 2.5%
    South Korea 2.5%
    Taiwan 2.5%
    Texas 2.5%
    United Kingdom 2.5%
* January-October

Source: Stephan, Black & Chang. Submitted to Research Policy Feb 2006.



In order to get a measure of demand for highly trained individuals in nanotechnology, we compare position announcements appearing in Science during the first ten months of 2002 with position announcements appearing in Science during the first ten months of 2005. Position announcements were selected based on the occurrence of the key words, .nano. or .MEMS,. in the advertised position.s description.

The geographic mix of position announcements changed considerably during the three-year period. In 2002, all but 7% of the advertised positions were for jobs in the U.S. By 2005, the percent of the positions outside the U.S. had increased dramatically to almost 36%. The most likely location outside the U.S. was Canada, followed by Singapore, Denmark, and Switzerland.

Location data is summarized in the above table. We find that in 2002 Illinois was the top location, followed by California, Pennsylvania and Texas. In 2005 California was the top destination, with more than one in four positions located in the state. Within the United States, Virginia followed as a distant second. Massachusetts and Maryland were tied for third place.